Critter Tales


A Very Stinky Story

True wildlife encounter at feed, hardware and tack store in Roseburg, OR. It happened November 2004. Names have been changed to protect those involved (though you can tell ‘em by the smell.)

Here are the unadorned facts:

  • Feed, Hardware, and Tack Store.
  • Broken bag of dog food just outside the front door.
  • Skunk eating dog food.
  • “Pete” (we’ll call him Pete) chases skunk away. Didn’t want him (the skunk,
  • not Pete) stinkin’ up the place.
  • Skunk runs in.
  • People run out.
  • Pete runs in.
  • Pete grabs hand bag snare.
  • Skunk escapes to hide away among the saddles.
  • Pete is too fast for the skunk and snares it’s hind leg.
  • Guess what skunk does next.
  • Stink adheres to Pete and everything else within a 15 mile radius.
  • Pete carries skunk out the door.
  • Pete whops skunk on trash bin for awhile. (Bang, bang, bang . . .)
  • Pete turns skunk loose.
  • Skunk staggers off.
  • Pete staggers off.
  • Feedstore customers have a good laugh (while holding their noses of course.)
  • Folks around here fi gure Pete couldn’t have come up with a worse idea if he
  • had thought about it all day.
  • True story – every bit of it.

Submitted by: Steve Harris
Editor’s Note: Mr. Harris sent us the unadorned facts of this pungent event and invited us to “adorn ‘em” as we saw fit. But, Mr. Harris tells his tale so well (and quite succinctly – in true cowboy style) that we figured the story didn’t need any adornin’.